The French chefs in Israelis restaurants

As part as the Week of Gstronomy, SO French So Good 2016, 28 French Chefs will cook on the best restaurants in Israel the 8, 9 and 10 February.

3 days of French Gastronomy… we will hope you are not in diet!!!!


Michel Sarran, Chef Toulouse, two Michelin stars, will be in residence at the l’hôtel Montefiore, hosted by chef Moran Yanai.

Christophe Dovergne, Chef in the restaurant Teacher in Paris, will cook at Zvulun 10, hosted by Chef Orit Brom.

Martial Enguehard, Chef in the restaurant L’Atelier de Martial, in Paris, will cook at Norman hosted by Chef Barak Aharoni.

Romain Fornell, Chef Toulouse at the El Caelis restaurant in Barcelona, hosted by Chef Sharon Cohen at Shila.

Pascal Barbetti, baker’s Pain Perdu in Toulouse, will welcome in the Dalal Bakery, hosted by Chef Aner Zalel.

Alexis Saint-Martin, seventh generation of a family of cooks at the head of the award-winning restaurant Le Viscos in Toulouse, will cook at Olive Leaf au Sheraton, hosted by Chef Charlie Fadida.

Ridha Khadher, baker’s at Paradis du Gourmand, in Paris, winner of the best baguette in Paris in 2013 and as such has been the exclusive supplier of sticks in the Elysee Palace for a year, will join Chef Gali Friedman au Da Da & Da.

Johan Leclerre, Chef at La Suite restaurant, will bring French flavors in the kitchen of Dalal, hosted by Chef Golan Gurfinkel.

Laurent Trochain, Chef at Numéro 3 restaurant, will cook with Chef Orel Kimchi at Popina restaurant, in Neve Tsedek.

Simon Carlier, Chef at Solides restaurant, will cook with Chef Oded Saïda at Café Mason.

Laurent Azoulay, Chef at L’Ekrin restaurant in Méribel, will cook with Chef Meir Adoni at Blue Sky.

Nicolas Valero, the Fauchon-France group, will join his Israeli counterpart in the new restaurant Fauchon, in Sarona. 

The Gastronomy week is not only in Tel Aviv 😉


Bernard Bach, Chef at Le Puits Saint Jacques restaurant, will cook in Régence restaurant of King David Hostel, hosted by Chef David Biton.

Thierry Drapeau, Chef at La Chabotterie restaurant, will join Shalom Kadosh at “Cow on the roof – Para Al Hagag” restaurant of Leonardo Plaza Hostel.

Frank Renimel, Chef at En maRge restaurant in Toulouse, will cook at Mona, hosted by Chef Itamar Navon and Chef Moshiko Gamlieli.


Sébastien Sanjou, Chef at Le Relais des Moines restaurant, will cook at Namal 24, hosted by Chef Ran Roche.

Stephan Paroche, Chef at La Magnanerie, will cook with Chef Shahar Sivan at Bistro Venya.

Sébastien Ochoa, pastry Chef at La Cerise Basque, in Toulouse, will cook at Gal Bakery, Gal Gabrieli’s restaurant.


Chef Quentin Joplet will welcome by Chef Uri Yermias, his Israeli counterpart chef of Uri Buri restaurant.


Chefs Stéphane Leger, Fabrice Moya and pastry Chef Anne-Sophie Demai will bring the tastes and flavors of France in the chef’s kitchen David Magen, in the Leonardo restaurant, Rimonim restaurant and Hof Guy restaurant.

Beer Sheva

Georges Camuzet, Chef at L’Air de Famille, in Toulouse, will welcome by Sahar Raphaël in Cramim, the most southerly restaurant.

In all Israel
Sébastien Bello, chocolatier at Bello & Angeli, will cook in the Shemo bakery with Miki Shemo.

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  1. Il faudrait pas oublier Frank Renimel
    Et Berbard Bach et les autres

    • Oui effectivement nous avons sélectionné que la ville de Tel Aviv 😉 mais les chefs se sont déplacés en Israel, nous allons rectifier tout ça…

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