The Gate of Israeli Democracy… A 360-degree visual experience, which surveys key events that shaped Israeli democracy on Rothschild Boulevard 1


✍ In the course of the State’s 70th year, visitors to the Independence Trail will be able to enjoy another experiential focus – “The Gate of Israeli Democracy” – an initiative of the Israel Democracy Institute and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. The complex offers visitors a unique 360-degree visual experience, Israeli democracy is the place of the state until today.

The magnificent building on Rothschild Boulevard 1 in Tel Aviv is surrounded by arcades that symbolize the integration and complexity of Israeli society.
Arguments have been incorporated into the Arches of Independence – the constitutive text that expresses the values ​​and foundations on which the State of Israel is founded as a Jewish and democratic state.

Critics of the gate of Israeli democracy will be invited to sign a commitment to uphold the values ​​of the Declaration of Independence and receive a memento with their signatures.

Independence Day hours: 🔹April 18th, 8:30pm until midnight 🔹 April 19th, 10am to midnight

Hours of operation during the week:
Sunday through Thursday, 09:00 – 21:00

Friday 09:00 – 16:00

8) Fireworks show on Independence Day eve

For your convenience, all the sites will have fireworks, as part of the main events of the State of Israel’s 70th anniversary, in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

🎊 North City Area:
Ramat Hahayal (Saadia Shoshani Park, 13 Marcus Street): 10pm

Ramat Aviv Gimmel (Abba Ahimeir Street 23): 9:15pm & 10pm
Country L 3: 10pm

Alliance – Reading 26, Ramat Aviv: 8:30pm

🎊City Center Area:

Rabin Square (69 Ibn Gvirol Street): 8:30pm / 10pm / 11pm

The Plaza of the Performing Arts Center
 (19 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard): 9pm / 10:45pm

Independence Party in White  (Yehoshua Gardens – Kosovsky Street opposite House 56): 9pm / 10pm / 11pm

🎊 South City Area:

Park Menachem Begin – South Park (37 HaBosem Street): 8:30pm / 9:30pm / 11pm

Davidoff Park (10 Kutz Street, Jaffa): 8:30pm / 9:45pm / 11pm