TIPPLE, the trendy app

 My Little Tel Aviv tests THE dating app for party people: TIPPLE.

100% Telavivi, the app helps users meet in the best night spots of Tel Aviv.

The TIPPLE team handpicks the best places in the non-stop city to provide 

a lifelike dating experience that makes users meet in real life while partying  🙂 

What else!!!!

TIPPLE it’s easy and fast!

Test it now : http://bit.ly/2bw6VzQ

You understood, more than App, TIPPLE allows you to meet people with ease 😉

The best way to meet a new partner is to go out and talk to people.

However, for the shy ones, it can be tough to make the first move.
TIPPLE, thought of a function that could help users meet each other without being anxious about it.

Now you know that you need this app 😉
To test TIPPLE in exclusivity : http://bit.ly/2bw6VzQ

TIPPLE in 3 steps

1. Scrolling through the list of places or navigating on the map,
the tipple user knows where to be at the right moment.

screen 1
2. When the user hits the “add to my places” button
he/she starts following the place.

screen 2

 3. See who is there in real time & be more visible on the app.

Screen 3



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