The Avener // Live in Tel Aviv

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March 29

THE AVENER performing Live in Tel Aviv!

Let’s go to an IBIZA party before Pessah 😃


The Avener – Tristan Casara, a native of the Southern French city of Nice.
At 29, The Avener has made a name for himself as a star DJ at a series of outstanding clubs and as a brilliant producer and remixer, especially since the success of his track Fade Out Lines. 

His rework of that song by Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws went quadruple diamond as an export single. The Avener’s 2014 “Fade Out Lines” reached more than 40 million views on YouTube and was #1 on iTunes in 20 different countries! The Avener is the only French artist who has made it to the top spot on iTunes Germany. 

The Avener’s music is high in emotion: the antithesis of a certain chilly electronic music that no longer interests Tristan today. His full, sensual sound is a take on the deep house produced by his US counterparts – the music he has loved since his teenage years.

Barby – Derech Kibbutz Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv

March 29

180 NIS

Tickets available

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