Take a sherut

Taking a sherut in Tel Aviv is a quick and efficient way to get around, but maybe a bit intimidating the first time  😆 

The Sherut (monit Sherut in Hebrew) works like shared taxis (10 to 12 people max).
They run along the main streets of Tel Aviv.

How to use a Sherut ?
Just raise your hand to stop it (like a taxi).
Unlike a bus, you have to sit back then pay.
To do this, simply tap on the shoulder of the people in front of you who will pass the money to the driver.

To get out of Sherut ?
Just ask the driver to drop you where you want along his way.

Price ?

Since December 8, 2016, their price has dropped and is 5.90 nis.
Note that sheruts work on Shabbat (Friday night and Saturday) at a higher rate: 8 nis.

Mains sheruts and their itineraries

  Line 4
Going from Tahana Merkazite, through Allenby and Ben Yehuda streets until the Port of Tel Aviv(Namal) – in both directions.
➡ Line 4א
Going from Tahana Merkazite, through Allenby and Ben Yehuda streets, along the Port of Tel Aviv and take you to the Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv University until the Ramat Aviv Gimmel and the Azorei Hen Country Club.
➡ Line 5
Going from Tahana Merkazite, through Rothschild avenue, the Dizengoff Center, Dizengoff street Nordau Street, Ibn Grvirol Boulevard to Weitzman Street and Kikar Hamedina
➡ Line 16
Going from Tahana Merkazite, through Allenby street and along the beach until the Shouk Acarmel (Tahana Carmelit).
➡ n°66
Going from the beginning of Allenby street to Ramat-Gan, Bnei-Brak, and even to Petah-Tikva, passing first through Ben Yehuda, Bograshov and the Queen Boulevards , Arlozorov, Weitzman, Kikar Hamedina, Yoo Towers then Ramat-Gan, Bnei-Brak and finally Petah-Tikva.

💡 Sherut vocabulary 💡

I would (for girl) like to stop… -> ‘Any rotze (rotza) laredete le…’

How much does it cost ? -> ‘Cama zé olé…’ 

Driver -> ‘Nahague’

Tell me where can I stop -> ‘Taguide li eyfo larèdète’

We would like to go here -> ‘Anah’nou yordime kane’

Stop here please ! -> ‘âtsore kane bevakasha’

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