Tel Aviv and Berlin Nightclubs celebrate 50 Years of Relations

Tonight, Tel Aviv and Berlin are celebrating 50 years of friendship.

The two cities share the same energy, same charm and they are an same unabashed party towns!
Tonight, to mark their half-century relationship, Tel Aviv and Berlin decided to organize simultaneously a party in Tel Aviv and in Berlin by exchanging their DJs!

Tonight, the German hip-hop DJs Beathoavenzs will come to play at the Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv and the Israeli DJs and Yarin Lidor Nadav Ne’eman.
at Prince Charles in Berlin.

These festivities will be broadcast live on radio DRadio Wissen in Germany and Kol Israel 88FM in Israel.

Kuli Alma,                                             Prince Charles
Mikveh Israel St 10,                                Prinzenstraße 85f,
Tel Aviv                                                 Berlin
Israel                                                    Allemagne

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