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Now in its third year, The SHABBAT PROJECT is firmly established as a greatly anticipated annual highlight of the global Jewish calendar and community. By encouraging a warm celebration of one of the central pillars of Judaism, and nurturing unity, this bold initiative is charting a new and hopeful course for the Jewish world.

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The Concept
The Shabbat Project ( is a global, grassroots movement that brings Jews from across the world together to keep a single, unforgettable Shabbat, transcending religious denomination, political persuasion or other arbitrary boundaries such as age, language or lifestyle. 

The concept is profound yet simple: the global Jewish community uniting for a transformative shared experience that is as old as the Bible and yet as contemporary as the 21st Century.


Hafrashat challah
Thursday, November 10
Hangar 11, Tel Aviv


Shabbat Dinner

captureWhite City Shabbat
Hangar 11, Tel Aviv
Kabalat Shabbat 4:35pm
Meal: 5:45pm
Prix: 120 nis

White City Tower Chabad French Neve Tsedek
Itshak elhanan 15, Tel Aviv
Price: 80 nis
Resa: 0547038239

telechargementCentre Lev Kalisher & Chabad on the Coast
Kalisher 27, Tel Aviv
Price : 90 nis
Resa : 0587698388

Shabbat in the shteti : a magical night dinner experience
Bar Kokhva St 54, Tel Aviv
Price: 100 nis
Resa: 0587058580

Music Havdala 
Arnon 2, Tel Aviv

Organized by the Department of Aliyah and Integration of the City of Tel Aviv with The Laskoviens

Seoudat Shlishit

Allenby 110, Tel Aviv
Price: 110 nis

Bar Kokhva St 54, Tel Aviv
Price: 60 nis

Credit photo: Dreamsline & White city shabbat 

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