What do we do in Rocket attack?

Since this morning the rocket alarm has been ringing all over Israel.

Preventive measures

Otherwise, a space in your home that you choose according to the recommendations of
Israeli civil security:
apartment not on the top floor: choose the most interior space
(minimum window, walls and doors). Otherwise, the corridor, the stairs or the entrance.
apartment on the top floor: it is advisable not to stay and choose a
space at a lower level. The stairwell or the apartment of the neighbors of the floors
lower limits constitute a minimum protection.
two-level house: the most interior space or corridor, staircase, entrance.
one level house / light building: corridor or interior space without windows.
After a few hours from the start of an attack, reach a public shelter. himself
inquire today about the location of this shelter or a nearby private shelter

What to do during the alert?

Know how to recognize the alert siren
The alert is given by a modulated sound that goes up and down.

Shelter in the right place
At home: join the protected area, or if not the most distant room
from the direction of the threat, close doors and windows, sit on the ground (under the level
windows) against an interior wall and not facing a window. For residents of one floor
higher, go down one floor and stay in the stairwell.

Outside: join the nearest building. Discovered, looking for a shelter
natural eventuality. Lie on your stomach and protect your head with your hands.

By car: park without cluttering the road, then take shelter in a building. if
It is not possible to take shelter quickly outside the vehicle, stop on the edge
from the road and wait 10 minutes.

After a rocket fire, it is possible to leave the shelter 10 minutes after the end alarm, unless otherwise instructed.



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