Purim Kit 2018

Purim is the celebration of both adults and children: love, humor, Fantasy, we drink, we dance, we make party… In Tel Aviv, we have planned for you three days of celebrations.
Are you ready?

Purim in 6 lessons

1. You will dress up
At Matalon, 26, you have a lot of choice to dress up. (around 100 nis)
Dizengoff center, Shenkin street, King Georges st…
It’s time to find the best Purim costume !

2. You will fast
Wednesday, March 28: the Esther fasting
Start of Esther fasting: 4:55am
End of Esther fasting:
 6:08pm (after reading the Megillah)

3. You will offer
The mishloach manot: you can buy it (Shuk Acarmel, Shufersal…) or do it yourself

4. You will listen
Megillah reading

* White City PURIM SEUDA
Thursday, March 1 at 1pm
Join your annual young Tel Aviv community for an epic Purim Day Feast of curry eats, lots of l’chaims & megillah/speil in the afternoon (so you can take a half day).
What: Indian curry buffet eats, Golan Heights Winery wine, beer kegs & hard drinks, Yung Yiddish klezmer band and Mendy Cahan speil, Agam Fruchter powered megillah reading & much more…
Cost: FREE – Registration: http://bit.ly/2GOCM9J

126 Ben Yehuda Tel Aviv

* Centre Lev :
Wednesday, February 28 at 6pm & at 8pm (Kalisher 22) – at 6pm (Florentine – )
Thursday, March 1 at 9am & 1pm (Kalisher 22) – at 9am (Florentine – )

* Beth Habad Neve Tsedek:
Wednesday, February 28 at 6pm & at 9pm
Thursday, March 1 (all the day)
White City Tower

5. ½ shekel you will give

6. You will party
With your best costume and check the best parties of Tel Aviv: http://bit.ly/2ESUlJA
Free events for Purim: http://bit.ly/2EV7DVU

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