Purim 2020

Purim hERE WE GO !!!
So which costum did you choose?

It’s time for parties, love, costums….

Where to find your Purim costum?
✨ A lot of “Purim” Pop up open around the city
✨ Matalon Street: all the shops are in the mood of Purim: accessories, costumes… you can find everything
✨ Dizengoff Center: a lot of people, maybe you will wait 1 hour to have access to the shop
✨ Dizengoff Street, Sheinkin Street, King Georges Street…
✨ In Max10 you also can find many accessories not expensive.

Where do you buy your Michloar Manot?
✨ In several supermarkets, you have everything ready:: SuperSal, Victory, AMPM…
✨ At Max10, you can buy nice box to create yourself your Michloar Manot

About the Fadt of Esther
On 13 Adar (eve of Purim) which commemorates the fight that the Jews had to wage against their enemies, it is customary to fast. This fast is called “Esther Fast”.
Date Monday, March 9
Begin 04h46 / End 18h15

Listen the Meguila

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue
Monday, March 9: 20h30 (+ after party Live Music & Open Bar)
📍 Frishman 23, Tel Aviv

Chabad on the Coast – Tel Aviv
Monday, March 9: 9h30 / 12h
📍 18 Bar Kokhva Street, Tel Aviv

Synagogue North Tel Aviv
Monday, March 9: 18h45 (+ after Purim Party)
Mardi 10 Mars: 12h15 (lecture de la Meguila à Ichilov hospital, Weizman 6, Tel Aviv / dans le Hall prés du piano)

126 Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv

Michté of Purim
The Purim Michté will be on Tuesday, March 10.

Habad Tel Aviv Nord: 17h15 

Beith Midrash Francophone Torat Moshe: 13h10 

Chabad on the Coast – Tel Aviv:  12h30
Subscription: http://bit.ly/2T7YTB4


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  1. Enfin un site clair precis avec les dates les horaires les liens TOP merciii !!!

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