The Perseids Meteor Shower

Tonight, open your eyes 😉

Yesss…. The traditional Perseids Meteor Shower is tonight!!!!
An open-air show where you have the joy of seeing over a hundred shooting stars.

This beautiful spectacle, visible throughout the world, is offered to us by the Perseids, small particles of the comet Swift-Tuttle, which crosses the Earth’s orbit every year between mid-July and mid-August.


Visible to the naked eye, the sky will be illuminated by a spectacular star-rain.
Imagine a gigantic cloud of more than a million kilometers long and contains billions and billions of particles dropped by the comet.

You’ll understand a deck chair enough to admire this show;)

About Perseids
The Perseids are different sizes, rocky stones or tiny dust. And they travel arbitrarily, alone or in swarms, spaced a few tens of kilometers or hundreds, and at different speeds.

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