New legislation on bike, scooter and electric bike

My friends, special laws for 2 wheels (bicycle, electric bike, scooter, electric scooter) have fallen … to reduce accidents between 2 wheels and pedestrians.
Municipality of Tel Aviv will start in law enforcement led bike electric bike.

🗓 Implementation: NOW … (since June, 1st, 2017)
The inspectors will visit dozens of widely deployed to train mission aimed at reducing the number of hitting a pedestrian, and the separation of uses various types of road.

The municipality now working to promote safe and efficient transport in the city a major strategic objective and encourage the use of alternative vehicles for private vehicles. However, because of the many accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians electrical and lack of enforcement on the sidewalks, led the municipality to grant extensive powers of enforcement inspectors designated municipal legislative framework.

List of contraventions:
– Prohibition on use of mobile phones while driving or riding (Reading SMS) ➡ 1,000 ₪.
– Uses a ban on sidewalks, bike paths, pedestrian crossings etc. ridden by anyone road or path is not intended for him, fines varying degrees within ➡ 100 ₪ – 250 NIS 
– Prohibition on causing disruption traffic through the pavement ➡ 250 ₪.
– Prohibition of pedestrians walking on the path designed for riding bycicle ➡ 500 ₪.
– Prohibited assembly riders offenses, fines varying degrees within ➡ 100 ₪ – 250 ₪.
– Prohibiting the use of headphones rider Bluetooth ➡ 250 ₪

Pedestrians, stop to smile 😀 Municipality of Tel Aviv does not forget you: 
A special law for you 👉 A pedestrian walking on a bike path ➡ 500 ₪

Contraventions will be distributed from September 2017!

🗣 Tips to avoid unnecessary pay fines:
– Get out of your 2 wheels to cross the pedestrian crossing or walk on the sidewalk
– Buy a left or right earpiece

⚠ Inspectors will have the right to confiscate your bike or confiscate the battery or tire!
You can retrieve what was confiscated the next day, in a warehouse provided for that purpose. A new ticket will be offered!

ron huldaiMayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai: “City sidewalks are designed primarily for pedestrians. We make an effort explaining to highlight the sidewalks are taking. We are pleased that bikes have become a real alternative to the private car, and vehicles usable and available. But you can not put up with such a driving reckless endangering pedestrians. we invest heavily in road cycling trails and infrastructure development soon also added enforcement against driving illegally. “Mitl Lhbi, deputy mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and in charge of transport: Tel Aviv as other large cities around the world promoting the use of bicycles as a genuine alternative car. The amount of cyclists each year exceeds the high threshold stands forecasts and beyond. Enforcement policy in the city will begin after the information and alert and is another important step and prompted to make cycling a real alternative city transportation vehicles and minimizing motorized pedestrian area. We study the needs of road users and the first lines to understand and support this move will be cyclists themselves. At the same time I leave Attention motorists call for new roads and drive carefully. “

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