Nana Mouskouri in Israël

As part of his tour “Forever Young Tour”
Nana Mouskouri returns to Israel only for two unique performances
in Tel Aviv and Haifa

Nana MOUSKOURI, from her surname Ioánna MOUSKHOURI, is a Greek singer, born October 13, 1934 in Chania (Crete).

From the age of twelve, Nana MOUSKOURI began to take lessons in singing, piano and harmony.
Nana MOUSKOURI’s singing career began in 1958, after her encounter with the composer Mános HADJIDAKIS. In 1959, released the first 45-round Nana MOUSKOURI “Kapou Yparhi and Agapi Mou”, and the following year Nana MOUSKOURI moved to Paris where the record company Philips, offers him a golden bridge to join his stable .

For more than five decades she has recorded many songs in many languages: Greek, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Welsh, Spanish and even Hebrew.

Nana MOUSKOURI is in the list of twenty-five artists who have sold the most records in the world ahead of MADONNA and Céline DION with an estimated figure of 400 million sales.

The musical versatility and the passage of the borders allowed him to build a global career ranging from the French song to the cabaret, while passing by the Greek classics, the jazz, the pop, etc.

Infos & Resas:

November, Tuesday 6
Heikhal HaTarbut Huberman, Tel Aviv (1 הוברמן)
Tickets: between 204 and 504 shekels
📲 Tickets online
 * 9066 – 03 511 17 77

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