The Magnum Bar is back 🍦!!!

Tel Aviv, 31 degrees, 6pm … it was hot …. 🙂

—> Let’s go to the Port of Tel Aviv to cool around a mini magnum !!!


THE Magnum of our dreams, the one that you made us dream, a place dedicated to the icy pleasure.

Near the carousel, the Magnum bar is back with its ephemeral bar for our pleasure!
We can taste the flavors of Magnum 5 created by the famous chef Meir Adoni and even create his own ice for a moment of greed, until the August 29, 2019
Starting with a simple ice cream, Magnum takes shape in minutes, the rhythm of the choices and desires of each: chocolate is coated with our choice, we decorate topping (toasted caramelized almonds, chocolate chips, sugar chips blackberry, roasted pistachios, silver puffed cereal …), it is expected that everything freezes, one takes pictures and savoring ice SA!

Here’s a little taste:


A unique and personalized tasting experience to discover during the summer.

To you to unleash your imagination!

So hurry up, saying ephemeral said end date: the bar closes its doors on August 29!

The bar is open from Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 11pm,
Friday from 10am to 4pm
and Saturday from 9pm to midgnight

Price: 10 shekels


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