Best Hanukkah Sufganiyot

The sufganyiots, we love it … but it makes you fat!!!
Hanukkah is one time per year and for the only time, the tradition requires,

we MUST to eat the sufganyiots !!
Good luck!!!

My Little Tel Aviv has selected just for you, the best Hanukkah sufganiyots

🍩 The most tasty
In the new bakery created by the two famous chefs David & Yossef, Bakeria

Bakeria TLV
📍 Einstein 7, Tel Aviv
Kosher Badats

🍩 The most colorful
Lior Koka opened his Boutique café a year ago, revisiting each product. Today she offers us colorful and delicious donuts.

Café Boutique                                                                   Canyon Azrieli
📍 Rotschild 8, Tel Aviv                                                       📍 Floor 2
Kosher Rabanut                                                                Kosher Rabanut

🍩 The essentials
Every year, Roladin offers a selection of flavors for Hanukkah donuts. It looks as good as they taste.
Roladin*                                                                 Roladin*
📍 Ben yehuda 41, Tel Aviv                                       📍 Ibn Gabirol St 24, Tel Aviv
Kosher                                                                    Kosher

*all over Tel Aviv

🍩 The most frozen
Honey Lulu is a special pastry in revisited desserts: pizza cookies, frozen donuts … you will surely find what you are looking for!

Honelulu TLV
📍 Ygal Alon 94, Tel Aviv
Kosher Rabanut   

🍩 The most traditionnal
If you like simple & classic donuts, you will find the traditional Hanukkah donut for all kinds of tastes at Boutique Central.
Don’t worry; you won’t grow tired of it!

Boutique Central*                                                    Boutique Central*
📍 Ben yehuda 80, Tel Aviv                                       📍 Zabotinsky Str 120, Tel Aviv
Kosher                                                                  Kosher

*all over Tel Aviv

🍩 The most flavorful
The famous chef Micky Shemo combines both traditional flavors and French culinary art. An explosive mixture for flavorful donuts. 

Shemo                                                                          Shemo
📍 Yehuda HaMakkabbi St 60, Tel Aviv                              📍 Tagore St 30, Tel Aviv
Kosher                                                                           Kosher

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