Le Boudoir, Lash & Brow design

A new institute dedicated to look!
The temple of eyebrow was finally opened in Tel Aviv !!

Ladies, are you ready?!!! LE BOUDOIR will put you in the eyes.

salon le boudoir

It was at Neve Tzedek that the famous Parisian brand has decided to open its institut.

More than a beauty salon, LE BOUDOIR offers a wide range of treatments designed to beautify your eyes to restore harmony to your eyes and balance to your face.

Eyebrows in circumflex accents, sparse or disheveled, let the BOUDOIR professionals take care of your eyebrows.
Bye Bye eyebrows in all directions

The concept
A space exclusively dedicated to the beauty of the Regard: brow extension, brow design, hair removal, brow hair removal (epilation), brow restructuring and coloring, brow perfect 3D, micro-pigmentation, lash bar… now, you’ll understand with LE BOUDOIR, the perfect eyebrow exist!

The Brows artists
(artists eyebrows)

All Artists Brow Boudoir are professionals, rigorously trained in the art of sculpting the eyebrows and sublimate the look.

Ohhh Mens do not be jealous because LE BOUDOIR is also for you!!!
So no more excuse, it’s time to take care of your eyebrow!

My Little Tel Aviv test it and love it 🙂

About price, it’s the cheapest of Tel Aviv, what else? !!!!

To all My Little Tel Aviv followers, a gift will be offered with the code MYLITTLETELAVIV

le boudoir logo
Le Boudoir
Shabazi 67, Tel Aviv

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