A French play in the Tel Aviv

Two famous french actors, Gérard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant will be in Tel Aviv for two orginal show in French with simultaneous translation (subtitles) Russian and Hebrew:
La Musica deuxième of Marguerite Duras.


➡ Saturday, March 18 at 8pm  –> Heichal Ha’Tarbout – Auditorium Charles Bronfman (Habima square), Tel Aviv ➡ Sunday, March 19 at 8pm – -> Tel Aviv Opera, 19 bd. Shaul Ha’melech, Tel Aviv.

– – – – –  Tickets: http://bit.ly/2naZ9jN – – – – –

“Music of Two” – This is the sad story of love was over, buried under a heap of insults and lack of mutual understanding. Once they were a couple and lived in this city. Now they come here to get a divorce in official … and yet they can not understand how it happened …. “This presentation is an hour and forty minutes of pure joy for the viewer. A man and a woman, the last meeting between the night of love last – without kisses and hugs , bold and incorrigible. attempt to listen and tell. avail. when dawn they see clearly that they are related to each other forever. but until dawn we will march with them through fear (he’ll kill her!), hope (perhaps complete yet), sorrow ( so hard to understand! ..) … well, nothing is just between them. milk. After all, we love them so much. Fanny Ardant and Gerard Depardieu. it – turbulent, volatile, inviting. elegant. he – sensual and weak, vulnerable and sharp . draws deeply. together, they manage to make a drama of love banal miracle theatrical. the play is based on a play by Marguerite Duras of the same name, written by special order of the BBC. Marguerite Duras – French writer famous and author of scripts for film many. in 1961 she won Academy award for best screenplay, and in 1985 won the Berlin film Festival – sculpture “silver bear”. the play “music of two” – not first joint project of Depardieu and Ardant. they have already participated together in the film by Francois Truffaut’s “woman in Front” (1981 ) and the drama Anne Fontaine’s film “Nathalie” (2003). Interestingly the actor who played a woman in love with cinema generally Depardieu also became his lover alive. This is his masculine charm, irresistible. But it was not the fate of Fanny Ardant. Apparently fate would have it. Instead, she became a muse and Truffaut, Gérard Depardieu and always described as a wonderful person and a good friend. Now, many years later Fanny Ardant and Gerard Depardieu meet again. They are both 67. It seems that everything is already behind them and a love story can only happen on stage. But both are still wonderful, talented and charming. And who knows perhaps here, in Israel, a spark of love between two people burn these impressive.

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