Happy New Year !!!

Tonight, 2016 here we go !!

Everything is ready to have a good night!!! 

This year the City of Tel Aviv celebrates the passage in 2016 with you !!!

Tel Aviv municipality and the Road Safety Authority mounted a campaign for a New Year’s Eve, is to allow the public to move into the city to avoid driving while intoxicated.

Flight attendants and flight attendants patrol the angels in disguise, decorated with sparkling main entertainment areas in the city, and distribute free coupons revelers use public taxi service in the city, lines 4 , 5 and 16. At the same time non-recurring owls will be distributed to spend to help determine their blood alcohol measure.

The voucher will be valid Eve (until 6:00 the next day), and is designed to allow people who want to drink alcohol in the evening, he is back at home safely, without having to get off the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

Angels will gather along Rothschild, Allenby Street, a flea market in the streets of Florentine and Dizengoff, Jeremiah and the environment and more.

A study conducted by Prof. Kobi Peleg Gertner Institute shows that 17% of all fatal car accidents in Israel involving drivers under the influence of alcohol, can also be seen that the prospect of involvement in a car accident fatal car under the influence of alcohol tripled the weekend, when people go out and drink. The prospect of crash involvement than three times the normal weekend and could rise more New Year’s Eve where many people come out to celebrate in the streets of the city. Subsequently, it was decided on the eve of targeted advocacy and New Year taxi coupons to reduce the number of drivers under The influence of alcohol on the road.

We call on public expenditure to maintain and choose to use vouchers to get home safely.

Director General of the National Road Safety Authority, Mordechai fair Duani: “Like every year, this year planned to hold celebrations to mark the new year is characterized by, among other things, alcohol. National Authority road safety, in cooperation with local authorities, the headquarters of the security, traffic police and other partners, conducts outreach and prevention 62 recreation centers throughout the country. National Authority recommends you select a driver on call to restore all returned or use lines of night entertainment centers operated nationally. I welcome the joint operations of Tel Aviv. – Jaffa and the Authority Road Safety We hope that the new year will open no casualties and people die on the roads and that all expenses will come home safely. “


Meital blades, deputy mayor and holds Transport portfolio :. “Alcohol is a major factor in road accidents in the city and fatalities in particular I believe the best way to fight against the phenomenon of alcohol driving is education and information and to strike while the iron was hot, we go with the Authority Road Safety Police and unmediated encounter with the public spending New Year’s Eve, to transmit the message “Do not give alcohol to drive you.”

We wish you an Happy New Year


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