Hanukkah family

Treasure Hunt
Ready, go…11 missions await you: Zumba dance, chocolate coins in the sandbox, crosswords …
A treasure hunt around the story of Hanukkah, for the family or friends!

Wednesday, December 9th – 10:30am
Free entrance
Registration required http://bit.ly/HanukkahNamalTLV
Namal Tel Aviv, Reading 3 (hangar au fond du port) – 

World Toupie record
record du monde de la toupie
The City of Tel Aviv will relaunch the challenge this year!
Come and beat the world toupie record! 
it’s very simple: register and come at Kikar Rabbin to game with the spinning top
Wednesday, December 9th – 6pm
Registration required http://bit.ly/HanukkaTLV
If you have your own spinning top, it’s free!
Price: 10nis/child, 15nis/adult or 25nis/familly (6people)


A day in nature!
Bring your children to the Farm and Zoo
Activities for children around the mystery of the lost oil during Hanukkah festival

3 days: 08/12 – 09/12 – 10/12
Registration required 08/12 09/12 10/12

Meeting at 10am in the Farm (Rokach 74, Ramat Gan)
Price: 39nis/child + 10nis/adult (free parking on the site)


All Saturday, children will expect to the Habima Square: theater performances, concerts …

Free entrance

Saturday, December 12, 19 & 26 at 11am




Children Party!
Fun and educational activities: olive oil production and candles, lottery, donuts, presents, quizz.
Free entrance
Sunday, December 13rd at 2pm
Adress: Beth Midrach Loubavitch, Deganya St 43, Neve Tsedek, Tel aviv
Infos: 054 306 2289 (Rav Mendel Matusof)



Expo Mini ART
מיקרוארט-קאבר-לאפליקציהCinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio within the eye of a needle!
Sarona Park invites you to visit the traveling exhibition of Guinness Record holder Willard Wigan who creates micro-sculptures measured in fractions of an inch!

The well-known British artist Willard Wigan creates amazing masterpieces that can be seen only with a microscope, as their size can be measured only by thousandths of a millimeter (one micron).
The ‘Micro Art’ exhibition will be held in the renovated Sarona quarter, where Willard Wigan will display a true microcosm of tiny fairytale heroes, including Cinderella and her evil sisters, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, as well as other works, such as the planet Earth, a bird and the Taj Mahal. All the miniatures are placed in the eye of a needle or on a pin head, so they can be seen only with a microscope.
Expo Mini Art will open all day long in the Hanukkah week from 10am to 20pm
Price: 20nis/child & 30nis/adult
Adress: Sarona Park, Tel Aviv, 12 Elazar st., building 105, 2nd floor



Adress: Sarona Tel Aviv, Rav Aluf David Elazar St 12

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