Hanukkah Contest

Sunday, December 13 


For the 4th candle, we offer you 0,5 liters of ice cream and 1 delice glacé.

Mystic, exceptional artisan ice creams

Opened just a month ago on Dizengoff Street, Mystic is a new place in Tel Aviv that creates fine ice cream and sherbet from natural ingredients in a classic method 😉 !
is not only elegant, it also offers very delicious ice creams with surprising flavors. Now you know, Mystic frozen treats will make your heart melt. Here, it is a whole know-how to delight your eyes and taste buds.

From ice creams to sherbets and exceptional delice glace, everything are homemade, very light, and perfectly sweet, just enough to honor these fresh products and reveal all their flavors. Here, no crazy mix. Only ice creams and sherbets with a strong character relying on one raw ingredient, perfectly worked out.

To improve the Mystic experience, the store offers their customers to enjoy these frozen delights in a homemade cone, made before their eyes! We tasted them, and we can tell you there is nothing quite like a handmade cone.

Now you know, you may come empty-handed to Mystic, but leave with a cone in your hand and sparkling eyes 😊.

Dizengoff 138 Tel Aviv.
Livraisons à Tel Aviv.

👉 Congratulations to Sharon K.

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