Good Pharm : all the products for 10 shekels

Ah ah, open your eyes and listen to us, we find the discount ‘SuperPharm’: all cosmetics and care products cost only 10 shekels or less.

This concept had opened in August 2016 on King Georges in Tel Aviv.
The last week, the 2nd GoodPharm has opened on Dizengoff 178.

GoodPharm it’s 1200 products and all for 10 shekels: Shampoo, cleaning products, baby products, deodorants, toothbrushes, cosmetic products … you’re spoiled for choice.
My Little Tel Aviv tests it just for you 🙂

According us, we say YESSS for this new concept GoodPharm 😉 

Adress: King Georges 25, Tel Aviv + Dizengoff 278, Tel Aviv
Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9am – 9pm / Friday 9am-3pm / Saturday: 30 minutes after the end of shabbat – 11pm

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