The flower market 🌸

Perfect timing with Passover, the flower market returns to the ‘port market’ in Tel Aviv port!

The sun ☀ is back and Spring too… It is well known, the Spring 🌸 never happens alone;)
At the Port of Tel Aviv, say good holidays with flowers.

Spring Festival At the entrance and just before Passover eve, between 28-29.03, the Flower Market🌸 , which brings together flower and garden plants, special accessories, herbal books, holiday gifts, professional craftsmen, and all under one roof, returns to the port market in Tel Aviv harbor.

The flower market 🌸 will offer dozens of stalls with a huge variety of picking flowers, herbs, special plants, orchids, succulent, cacti, chrysanthemums, lights, camomile and more.

In addition, you will find special stands in the market, including professional chisels and wreaths that will prepare beautiful flower arrangements for the holiday table – from the various flowers that can be purchased in the market, a stand for creating bouquets designed for the head, flower bracelets and arrangements for the lapel.

To complete the atmosphere: a pleasant breeze from the sea, food stalls of the port market and festive music in the background!

The flower market 🌺
March 28 & 29
Port of Tel Aviv
Market area

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