Fashion Supermarket

Fashion Week is over!

For those who would have missed it, this weekend offers you a crazy event like Tel Aviv;):

“Supermarket”, is the new fashion event will be launched by entrepreneurial fair “show pony.” About 65 fashion designers, accessories and shoes will display their current season and previous seasons at 50% off or more.
Small caps, without the word “until”

Supermarket is a new fashion event, unique and seasonal, which brings together 65 fashion designers, accessories and footwear design and local production, which will show items from the current season and previous seasons, at 50% off or more. Small caps and without the word “up”.

In addition, we will meet for the first time in this event, old brands, which do not generally attend fashion fairs such as Comme Il Faut, Gertrude, Mizo, Gusta and others.

Supermarket, fruit of our initiative is the founder of the coveted shoes Fair “show pony,” Mia Levy and Athaliah Hosea, who became during the eight years of existence, a popular platform for sales of designer collections and pilgrimage among many Fasnstiot.

Among the brands participating in the event: Michal Ben-Ami, meander, Hagar stonemason, jellyfish mouth mouth, Hoko, Lightning Blade, Jerry Shay, Sister M, Roni Kantor and others.

What do you say?
We love it …

Friday March 17 & Saturday March 18: arrow: the Port of Yaffo to renew his wardrobe before the summer;)

Friday from 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
Port of Yaffo, Hangar 2






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