The pizza that you definitely have to try it!

Calling all pizza lovers, there a few days ago, Eyal Shani, one of Tel Aviv’s most famous chefs presented his new concept “Eyal Tomato” or pizza by Eyal Shani!

062fc0d4-72fc-4c57-bf41-576f80b70e1dIn the South of Tel aviv, at Beit Romano, inside the hipster Teder Bar, that Eyal Shani decided to turn into pizzaiolo.

Fashion, The Teder Bar is THE place to be in Tel Aviv.
In true Neapolitan, Eyal Shani “pizzaiole” with passion to serve a tasty, revisited and unique pizza.

My Little Tel Aviv could not miss …
So we have tested for you… and as you say, the taste and shape are at the rendezvous.


Crisp, melting and magnified by ultra fresh product, this pizza is a true gastronomic experience.

Adress: Derech Yafo 9
Price: 19 shekels / slice
Hours: Monday – Friday : 9pm
Saturday: 4pm 

Not kosher

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