Electro Urb 2021


Thylacine in concert in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva
October 7 at Kuli Alma – Tel Aviv
October 8 at the Beer Sheva Forum

At the end of 202 the Institut français d & # 39; Israel is launching the first edition of ELECTRO-URB 2021, an event dedicated to the promotion of French electronic and urban music.

Prodigy of the French electro scene, Thylacine will be the prestigious guest of the event and will give two exceptional concerts: October 7 at Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv and October 8 at Forum Beer Sheva.1

He will also meet students from the Beit Al Musica Conservatory in Shefa ’Amr.
Its visit to Israel, initiated and organized by the Institut français from Israel with the support of the Institut français (Paris) and the Comtec group, and in partnership with Intuitive Records, launches the 1 st edition of ELECTRO-URB intended to promote the French electro scene in Israel through musical events organized regularly and jointly with Israeli professionals from the
Another concert is planned by the end of the year in partnership with TEDER in Tel Aviv (urban music).

Thylacine’s music, bewitching, progressive and vaporous, mixes electro with jazz sounds, sometimes classical, certainly coming from his training at the Angers Conservatory where he started playing the saxophone. Thylacine obviously transports: his musical vibrations are inspired by his travels, in South America, in the Faroe Islands or in the East. An adventurous spirit stimulates the young musician and encourages him to consider each of his projects as an experience in its own right, with different approaches to travel. 9000 km on the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostock then Argentina: Thylacine soaks up soundscapes and emotions to record Roads Vol. 1 in 2019. Then it will be Roads Vol. 2 in 2020 following his trip to the Faroe Islands, this archipelago made up of rocky islands, volcanic soils and populated by thousands of seabirds. Blocked by the health crisis, Thylacine embarks on another journey – this time temporal. With Timeless published in autumn 2021, he revisits the repertoire of Mozart or Beethoven and offers an interpretation

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