Dizengoff Square is getting a modern makeover!

Dizengoff Square will return to street level.

The work should start in September/November 2016 and be completed by the end of 2017.

Here is a preview of the images of the future Dizengoff Square:

Option A
Option A

Good news!
The famous fountain designed by Yaacov Agamne will not be destroyed. Agam dedicated in 1986, the fountain, otherwise known as the symbol of “water fountain and fire” took ten years construction.s’est built in 10 years and is considered one of the most famous sculptures kinetic Agam

Option B
Option B

Credit Photo:
Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo

You will understand, Dizengoff Square will be a new meeting place, playback, break, rallies and demonstrations. The project includes the demolition of the elevated place and a new square building, reconstruction underground systems, roads and sidewalks, installation of the sculpture of Lake of the square and the construction of a bike path…
Dizengoff Square will be a new place of relaxation in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Did you know ?
Dizengoff Square, named after the wife of the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, was established in 1938 and almost immediately, after his inauguration became an important urban center regularly brought many visitors on weekdays, holidays and special occasions. the place was the first place in Tel Aviv, described his uniform architectural lines and planning reflects the understanding of the importance of the need for urban areas based representations of space as an urban living room open to so that over the years the square symbolized the physical center of the city. However, the location of the square space created a conflict between the use of open space for pedestrians and the traffic environment automobile and therefore, in 1976, it was decided to make a change in transport has led to a change in the physical structure of the square above the ground it was renewed and high.

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