A day with Leonardo Da Vinci!

The sensational international exhibition Da Vinci Alive finally makes it to Tel Aviv!


A smash hit the world over, the exhibition “Da Vinci Alive” sets up shop at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Centre.
Hardly your usual museum or art gallery guided tour and unlike traditional exhibitions.  Rather, Da Vinci Alive is an interactive experience based on a sensory approach.  3D screens, light shows, music… Not just any old exhibition, Da Vinci Alive is a spectacular show that seamlessly blends traditional art with the latest technologies.  

Over 3000 images comes to life on the big screen and help visitors grasp the master’s life, his sources of inspiration, and, most of all, his works.   

 Oh, Mona Lisa, why are you so famous?  This unique experience has visitors gawking at thrilling animations based on the artist’s most famous works from the Renaissance and enjoying a deep analysis of his legendary Mona Lisa.

 Children and adults alike, are you ready to follow in the footsteps of Leonardo Da Vinci?

 My Little Tel Aviv did it.  Why can’t you?


Tickets: 109 sh (http://bit.ly/DaVinciAlive)
Opening: Sun-Thurs : 09:00-20:00 / Friday : 8h30-16h30 / Saturday : 8h30-20h30
Place: Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Sderot Rokah 101
Go by car (parking) or by train (station Université)

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