Calendar of free events in Tel Aviv

Theater, festivals and more: Tel Aviv hosts a wide range of free events all year round.

The Tel Aviv calendar is packed with free events. Concerts, festivals, outdoor film screenings and a host of other events liven up the city’s cultural programme all year round.
Several of these events, open to all, are free of cost.

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Free “sports” events in Tel Aviv

Sunday ➡ Zumba course at 6:30pm
In the Lobby of the Tel Aviv Municipality
Ibn Gvirol St. 69, Tel Aviv



Thursday ➡ Yoga class at 6pm
On the roof of the Tel Aviv Municipality
Ibn Gvirol St. 69, Tel Aviv

d22a1b66-75f0-4a33-b79b-b68d78bf79c4Free “City Tours” in Tel Aviv

Wednesday ➡ Old Jaffa
Two hour walking tour of Old Jaffa to discover the secret of Jaffa.
Start at 11am to the Clock Tower.
It located in Clock Square. The tower was built by the Sultan Abed-el-Hamid the 2nd, in 1906 and his mark was inscribed on all four sides of the tower. Renovated in 1965 new clocks were installed, as well as stained glass windows which illustrate periods in Jaffa’s history.

Friday ➡ Sarona Official Tour
Two hour walking tour of Sarona including the history of the Templers.
Where urban adventure meets shopping experience.

Start at 11am to Eliezer Kaplan St. 34, Tel Aviv


Saturday ➡ White City Official Tour,

Two hour walking tour of Tel Aviv from the first neighborhood to the White City. (Bauhaus Buildings tour).
Start at 11am to Rothschild Blvd. 46, Tel Aviv

Free “kids” events in Tel Aviv

Thursday ➡ The Municipality of Tel Aviv will begin a big kids area
Start at 4pm to the Lobby of the Municipality
Ibn Gvirol St. 69, Tel Aviv

Saturday ➡
-> Musicals show, dance & workshop kids at Sarona
-> Visit of the botanical garden : Herzl 155 from 10am to 2pm

Free “museum” events in Tel Aviv

dbhouse➡ David Ben Gurion House
Ben-Gurion House invites visitors to experience a personal and unmediated meeting with Ben-Gurion’s memory ,his way of life and activities.
Opening from 8am to 2pm.
Free entrance
Sderot Ben Gurion 17, Tel Aviv

➡ Free admission for kids under 18:
-> Helena Rubinstein (Contemporary Art), Tarsat Blvd 6, Tel Aviv
->Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israeli art in the world), Shaul Hamelech 27, Tel Aviv
-> MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv (focuses on the history and culture of Israël), Haim Levanon St. 2, Tel Aviv
-> Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, Shimon Rokach St 21, Tel Aviv
-> Rubin Museum (former home of the painter Reuven Rubin), Bialik St. 14, Tel Aviv
-> Herzl Lilenblum Museum (about the Israel’s economic history as well as the evolution of Tel Aviv), Herzl St. 13, Tel Aviv

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