Alegory Paris

walk in high heels becomes child’s play!

Yes yes ladies , today is now possible.
No need two pairs of shoes when you go to a wedding, no more difficulties when you walk into the streets of Neve Tzedek, no more bad surprises when you dance on your way in the Clara and your heel hangs between two slats .. .

Today, ALEGORY is launching the first shoes with removable heel.

You can buy in exclusively the first shoes with removable heel here.

So hurry to take advantage of you because there will not be for everyone  😆 

ALEGORY is a new brand shoes with removable heel styles and heights adapted to the desires and lifestyle of each woman.
Through his first collection, ALEGORY boasts a modern lifestyle, trend and technology tips.
ALEGORY is positioned against the grain of traditional footwear brands . It cultivates its difference through its original concept that combines modernity, exclusivity and femininity. Avant-garde ALEGORY breaks the classic codes of the shoe heel by offering a new concept: the shoes with removable heel.

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