8 days of Hanukkah light

Hanukkah in Tel Aviv
December 2-9, 2018

Every year, The City of Tel Aviv installs giant Ménorah in all the city…

If you want to participate in the miracle of Hanukkah, we advise you:


Port of Tel Aviv
Candles lighting at 18h

Candles lighting at 18h 

Habima Square
Candles lighting at 17h (Saturday at 20h30)

Rabbin Square
Candles lighting at 18h (Saturday at 19h30)

Dizengoff Square
Candles lighting at 19h

Basel Square
Candles lighting at 18h and tasting donuts (Saturday at 19h30)

➡ Cinémathèque of Tel Aviv
Candles lighting at 17h30

➡ Shouk Acarmel
Near Allenby street – Candles lighting at 17h30

The ‘must-do’ 

Monday, December 3

17h30 -> Caphé Hanoi for an original candles lighting, an original tasting of Hanukkah donuts

18h -> Basel Square
Free concert of the Israeli singer Arik Sinai
Candles lighting and tasting of donuts

18h15 -> Port of Tel Aviv
Candles lighting on a giant Hanoukkia

December 4
16h30 -> Amsterdam Garden (direction)
Candles lighting, children workshop and tasting of donuts

December 5
16h30 -> the garden near Bograshov St / Tchernichovsky
Candles lighting, children workshop and tasting of donuts

16h30 -> Dov Hoz Community Center (direction)
Candles lighting, children workshop and tasting of donuts

Sunday, December 9

16H30 -> Meir Garden
Candles lighting, children workshop and tasting of donuts

17h30 -> The Clock Square, Yafo


Do you know that?
salvador Dali

This giant “Menorah”, called the Candlestick of Peace, arranged at the exit of the Arrivals Hall at Ben Gurion Airport was designated by Salvador Dali!
On June 21, 1998, the 5-meter-high monumental version of the Candlestick of Peace was offered to Israel by Jean-Paul Delcourt and inaugurated at the Ben-Gurion Airport as part of the 50 years of Israel’s creation.
Jean-Paul Delcourt is the owner of the patrimonial author rights of certain Dali sculptures, jewels and medals, including “La Menorah Dalinienne”.
10 years later it will be for the sixties of the creation of the State of Israel that this work will be moved to the new International Airport 2000 where it can now be admired by all those who visit Israel.

It is a strong symbol that combines Judaic tradition with contemporary art.

It is certainly thanks to his wife and muse Gala, Jewish of Russian origin, that Dali was inspired by Judaism to create approximately 250 works related to it.

Thank you Dali !!!

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