Yoga Day 2017

“Inspire, exhale” today, Wednesday June 21 is International Yoga Day.

The opportunity to discover or rediscover the variants of this traditional practice that mixes positions and breathing exercises. This discipline, which was born in India in the early days of Hinduism, is now in various forms: for example vinyasa (dynamic) yoga, yoga nidra (relaxing), or yoga bikram (intense).

After the success of the last two events, the biggest yoga event in Israel is coming back to Tel Aviv for the 3rd time.

Yoga classes will be held for the open crowd, famous teachers from India and Israel will join us. Music Concert and dancing show will also be held at Rabin Square.

Before the event, in celebration of 25 years of India and Israel, we have collaborated with to create one of the world’s largest artworks out of 2000 yoga mats. It is envisioning the future, including a unique train to India. Watch this space.

Secure your limited edition mat on the event website.

On the last day of the year, millions of people around the world will join together at iconic places like Times Square, Eiffel Tower and more to celebrate a day dedicated to yoga.

Tonight, Rabin Square at 6pm for a free yoga course, shows…

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