Les Smurfs are back!

This summer, they come back! 
Drdsaba, Smurf and Grgml huge and exclusive exhibition in Israel

Meet the Smurfs closely measure their height, visit them in their village, singing with the game, take pictures with them and finally – to understand how it is so small!

The legendary TV show “The Smurfs”, becomes a tangible experience with a variety of music Smurfs favorite attractions and original of the world to come directly from abroad, the exhibition holds the exclusive brand Israel!

The exhibition, which covers 2,000 square meters, will present the magical world of the Smurfs, experiential 5 main areas:

Park Smurfs 🍄
You are invited to the huge Smurfs park, where you will meet Papa Smurf, Smurf and the rest of their friends, see their mushroom house, pass the Smurfs bridge, where the red beetle and feel a part of the blue creatures. Even Grgml will. The park covers 560 square meters and contains as tens of different sizes Smurfs 90cm high mushroom 4m, giant beetles, trees, etc.

Home Giant 💙
Do you want to see the world as Smurfs? More than 250 square meters placed huge house, to give you the feeling that you are the Smurfs. You can walk around the huge complex, sit – on astronomical smartphone, climb over huge chairs and can – be you will come to the table…

Miniature Smurfs Village 🏘
If you lean a little, you will see all Smurfs Village size: mushroom houses, trees, flower plantations, wells, bridges, greenery and of course the Smurfs themselves – same, then the regular working day in the village . The miniature village is an area of about 25 sqm. Surface will be placed in particular reflects a perfect view of the village 

International Museum Smurfs 📷
Everything you wanted to know about the Smurfs: imaging study of the inventor of the Smurfs, Für Kolifor (mouth ( . Collection The Smurfs rarely contains about 500 items, sketches and paintings of the Smurfs first, the Development over the years, the surprising facts and even how the Smurfs Persian, Turkish and German .. 

The original foreign music Smurfs 🎶
The musical translation of players in Hebrew of foreign “costumes Smurfs, accompanied by an authentic decor and . Lively music The musical is displayed for about 30 minutes.

 Tel Aviv’s Smurfs
The exhibition presents more positions in three dimensions of special photography and other attractions, suitable for children andadults who grew up on the series well – loved.

July 19 to August 31, 2017
Pavilion 2, Exhibition Center, Tel Aviv
Hours of operation: Sunday to Saturday: 09h00-18h30 / Friday 9: 00-15:00

102 shekels (88 shekels with digital card)
Family ticket: 332 shekels (303 shekels with digital card)

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