Tel Aviv’s Best Purim Parties

All the best Purim parties
Just for you…

Wednesday 28





Hatachana (old train station) at Neve Tsedek

Cowboys & Cowgirls Purim Party

Norman Hotel in The Library Bar, with the legendary Aharoni – 9pm
23-25 Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv


Suraland ✧ Purim at Suramare

On Wednesday 28.2.2018, starting 20:30 our Sura will transform into a world of immersive fantasy, a magical forest full of green, mysterious creatures, gothic settings, happy drinks and great music by our favorite DJs

Thursday 1st

at 2pm…




Infos et résa: 0526536446


At 9pm…

Infos & résa:


KeepOlim’s 2nd Annual Purim Party Fiesta
At 8:30pm

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