Sukkot 2017: the complete guide

What do you do in Sukkot?

Here is a list of good plans to share without moderation!

To decorate the sukkah 🎉
👉the annual market of the 4 indispensable species:

Sukkot Family 👪
Concerts, games, exhibition … in Tel Aviv we party for a week !!!
👉all the best tips to do with your children

The biggest cycling event 🚴 in Israel
It will be on Wednesday, October 11th, never seen again in Tel Aviv, because for 2 hours, 4 main roads of Tel Aviv will be blocked to traffic: Ayalon highway, Rokach Boulevard, Tayette …
👉Registration takes place on the website until October 8:
Electric bicycles are prohibited;)
Kickoff at 8am !!

Brunch with friends 🍴
👉Meeting at the Yehoshua Gardens with musical entertainment

The second festival of interactive games 🎮
👉It happens at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center. Nearly 600 gaming stations and products, innovations and accessories for experienced and novice players. 30 complex games, contests, tournaments, multiplayer games …
Exhibition Center, Rokach Boulevard 101
Price: 60 shekels


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